Is click-and-collect the new future for retail?

Is click-and-collect the new future for retail?

Starbucks recently announced they will close up to 400 stores in North America. Yet, according to CNN, the coffee retailer plans to “expand their pick-up-only and to-go business,” even though social distancing and lockdown guidelines are easing throughout the region. If Starbucks is doing this, no doubt other major retailers have considered a similar move. 

Consumer shopping trends from commerce insights show that orders for online retail are still high after the initial boom caused by COVID-19. Although online and distance shopping or in-store pick-up were practically the only options that retailers had to serve their customers during the pandemic, consumers continue to prefer these shopping experiences because of convenience. Likewise, retailers may increase their focus on these areas knowing they can still provide customers a satisfying experience without having to spend as much on overhead and customer-facing staffing. 

Expect retailers to focus on click-and-collect and reducing their physical presence as the traditional retail landscape changes and online retail becomes a bigger priority.

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