What “normality” means for changing shopping habits in New Zealand

What “normality” means for changing shopping habits in New Zealand

Recently, New Zealand recorded zero active COVID-19 cases. So it's no surprise that, during the past four weeks, NZ & AU have seen a lifting of several social distancing restrictions, and are now allowing residents to head out of their homes, visit local restaurants, and shop at popular stores.

This has expectedly led to a steep decline in online orders and online revenue for many businesses. However, it’s interesting to observe that, as shown in the consumer shopping trends data, average order value has not been impacted.

There was a clear increase in average order value during the peak of the pandemic, and it reflected a growing dependency on e-commerce for consumers shopping during quarantine. Currently, there is not as much of a need for e-commerce due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, so naturally online retail and e-commerce growth will slow down. Yet the steady average order value suggests that consumers are generally more comfortable with online shopping overall, and will purchase more than just essentials going forward.

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